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Some References / Customers

Agencia Valenciana Salut

Ahorro Corporación


Ayuntamiento de Madrid


Caixa Catalunya

Gas Natural

G. Hospitalario Quirón

Ebro Agrícolas

JJ OO Barcelona 92



Helvetia (PSUR)

Saudaçor (Salud - Açores)

Sesacre (Salud - Acre)

Movistar (Telefónica)




My expertise in IT, from enterprises like Indra and Azertia (finally acquired by Indra), began in 1986 and until today, I had the opportunity to develop a profile that combines a solid technical background, with consulting and teams management (in the economic, strategic, operational and human aspects).

I have worked for customers in all sectors, but mainly, Public Administration, Banking / Insurance, Industry, Health and Telco's (Movistar); and managed, sometimes after creating them, units of third party solutions (BI, Contact Center, CRM, ERP, etc.), maintaining relationships at all levels with partners such as BMC, Cognos, Infinity / Vocalcom, Microsoft, ... with whom I had the opportunity to learn other ways to business development.

  • Management of complex projects (heterogeneous / distributed, with deviations economic / time, media, etc..), in its three axes of management: Customer (final destination of the products / results), Executive Management (faithful reporting as a basis for monitoring and decision making ) and finally, the Team.
  • Business Plan making, Planning, Budgeting, and subsequent execution (supervising cash-flow, and managing deviations).
  • Contributing to the business development, participating from the offering definition, presale, sale and proposal.
  • Team creating and management. Coaching and Motivation.
  • Alliances and relationships with third parties, adding value to their products from the company offering.
  • Making of procedures, guidelines, regulations, rules, etc.
  • Adding value and innovative / differential elements along the entire chain of work, from the definition of the offering, during the sale and development / implementation, to the final phase of support and maintenance, managing a team that operates with maximum efficiency and motivation.
  • Versatility and flexibility in new tasks, maintaining constant productivity in dynamic, changing and impredecibles works.
  • Empathy, being easy to get on with customers and partners.
  • Team making up (reorganization, and leading towards objetives) as basis for getting the maximum productivity.
  • Technical, consulting y management profile, a mixture which can enrich any task o work.
  • To inure to hardships and stressing situations, so projects with high visibility in media, results, ...
First Project (University)
Telecommunications Engineer (ETSITM, September 1981 - Jun 1.987).

Development of an environment for concurrent programming simulation in Unix.
Executive MBA (EOI, April 2007 - May 2008).